What Kind of Insurance Exists for Foreign Workers in Israel

What Kind of Insurance Exists for Foreign Workers in Israel

Insuring foreign workers in Israel is a relatively simple task. The Insurance Institute requires that their employers offer all foreign workers insurance,
and the policy requirements are laid out clearly.
Of course, there is more than one option when looking to purchase private insurance, so before you go searching, it pays to know exactly what coverage you need to offer.

Coverage is Necessary

For any company employing foreign workers in Israel, it is mandatory that at least some level of insurance be provided.
These requirements are fairly specific, but it should be remembered that they are merely minimums.
Offering more than these can certainly be beneficial, but at the very least coverage should include:

  • Primary care and family care doctors – the basic necessity so that individuals receive the attention they need
  • Prescription drug and vaccination coverage – to treat any illnesses that an employee may incur
  • Basic treatment plans and medical advice – to enable individuals to stay in the best health possible
  • Specialized care, such as gynecologists – to ensure that any special needs are met
  • X-rays, CAT scans and other diagnostic lab care tests – to help diagnose any potential illnesses or injuries
  • Emergency hospitalization and ambulance coverage – in case an accident should require immediate attention
  • Surgery coverage – to make sure that more severe problems can be dealt with
  • Psychiatric care in case of emergency – this is offered to make sure that employees are able to get the help they need
  • Wheelchairs and other necessary medical equipment – should a serious injury occur that requires specialized equipment
  • Death coverage and disability insurance – in case the worst occurs, this will at least allow the individual or his/her family to receive some sort of financial security

Also, consider adding care options such as emergency dental care or extended care by nursing professionals.
These benefits can help protect your most valuable asset – your employees.

The Different Types

There are some different coverage options that exist depending on what you want to offer.
Some of these options are mandatory, but others depend on what you deem necessary for your workers.
Though National Insurance Institute only required the options indicated above,
always remember that extended coverage can go a long way.
Should something occur that is not covered, an individual will be responsible for considerable medical bills.
The best solution to avoiding these bills is to make sure that proper insurance is in place.
If nothing else, protect yourself by giving your employees the minimum coverage required.