Q & A

How do I get medical care?

Medical services can be obtained at Clalit Health Services during business hours by phone: 2700 *

Where to turn when the clalit health services are closed?

You can order a doctor to the insured house with no deductible by calling * 2700.Insured in “Menorah Insurance”, call: *6101 – “Bikur Rofeh” Health Clinics.

Is an ambulance covered in the policy?

An ambulance covered under the Health Ministry regulations and policy.

Is pregnancy covered by the policy?

Pregnancy would be covered if the worker was under insurance for 9 months before she became pregnant, Subject to the employer who arranged for her medical insurance..

Who pays for the expenses of birth in the hospital?

Birth expenses will be covered by the National Insurance Institute for a foreign worker legally employed in Israel.

Is there a refund for the back belt?

No. Medical equipment not covered by the insurance policy.

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