Health Insurance for Foreign Worker in Israel

Health Insurance for Foreign Worker in Israel

Beyond the legal requirements to purchase health insurance for foreign workers,
it is important that individuals be prepared for any medical issues that might arise while working.
Offering medical care to employees goes beyond doing what is necessary and enters the realm of what is right.
As an employer, it is important to appreciate that each individual employee is valuable to you,
and just as you protect your property, you should also protect your workers.

There are legal requirements to insure foreign workers, but the real need for insurance goes beyond just those requirements.
The reality is, foreign workers are not covered under the health care system in Israel,
and even the most basic of medical treatments can become very expensive very quickly.
To help offset these expenses and keep employees’ wallets secure, consider getting the best insurance policy available.

What Is Necessary Coverage?

The state mandates minimum coverage requirements for this type of insurance policy.
At the very least, it is important that any foreign workers have the minimum of:

  • Primary care options
  • Prescription drug coverage and vaccinations
  • Basic treatment and consul of medical professionals.
  • Women’s health, including gynecology
  • Various testing and diagnostic care such as x-rays, CAT scans and other lab tests
  • Both ambulance and hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Emergency psychiatric care
  • Medical equipment such as wheelchairs
  • Both disability and accidental death insurance

In addition to these minimum requirements, it is always recommended to go above and beyond
and offer enhanced care should someone fall ill or become injured.
Think of the kind of care you would hope to have should something occur, and always strive to provide that same level of benefits.

Going Beyond

Giving the mandatory coverage is fine, but going above and beyond can certainly be beneficial.
Look at adding in benefits such as nursing care, auto accident protection and psychological help.
One area that you don’t need to provide for is accidents as a result of work,
as the National Insurance Institute covers these automatically.

By going beyond the basic requirements, you show your employees that you truly care about their
well-being and are willing to spend extra money to ensure it.
This builds trust and loyalty, and also helps to ensure that you have the most efficient operation possible.
Regardless of what you choose, make sure to at least cover the minimum requirements;
otherwise the legal repercussions could be more than you are able to handle.