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 According to the new Order; every employer of a foreign worker must insure the worker in a medical insurance policy which is in accordance with the Orders requirements.

Employers who do not act in accordance with the Orders provisions violate the Order and can expect punishment as set forth in new law. The Order that requires medical insurance for foreign workers defines the level of the insurance basket and medical services which will be given to the foreign employee and is similar in content to our National Health Insurance Law in Israel.

Menora Insurance Company developed a MenoMedic TOP policy which provides medical insurance for foreign workers.

This policy meets the requirements of the Marketing Department Ministry of Finance that supervises health insurance and the Ministry of Health.

Health services given by the health organization “Leumit”.


The insurance cover

We offer the widest possible cover without any self participation.

Among the services that the policy includes are:

* General medical examination

Examination by specialist*

* Emergency room according to insurance basket

Hospitalization expenses*

* Laboratory test, X-ray, ultrasound and imaging

* Medications with prescription according to insurance basket

* Health services for pregnant women have been staying in Israel at least 9 month according       to the new Order

* Expenses for transfer of the deceased to his country of origin up to a maximum of 5,000$

* The airline ticket abroad according to the condition of the employee, if he is not fit for work for a period exceeding 90 days.

* Emergency dental treatment (up to a maximum 500 $)

* Death/ invalidity as a result of an accident (up to 10,000$)

* Doctor visit at home at evenings 1-700-507-507 / *507


 For doctor appointment directly from the health organization please dial: 1-700-507-507 / *507

Proposal is subject to the terms of policy.

Insurance suitable for foreign workers for ages 18-65 with any kind of work.

You can cancel the policy.

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